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Painting a home

Visualise your dream home without lifting a paint brush!

When it comes to painting a house, whether the exterior or the interior, choosing the best shades is a difficult process. Conventional methods include sample painting, referring to shade cards, comparing with other painted properties, or simply guessing and hoping for the best.

Digital Color Visualisation aims to make the colour selection process easier and more enjoyable, especially for today’s digitally savvy generation.
The term “Colour Previews” refers to the outputs of the Digital Color Visualisation process.

Our Products


Professional colour visualisation software for instant results!

Attention paint companies, dealers, applicators and home owners! – Say goodbye to conventional methods of choosing colour shades from shade cards and say Hello! to our browser-based Digital Colour Visualisation software – ColourWizard! 

Digital Colour Visualisation seeks to simplify the colour selection process. Works for exteriors, interiors, highrise buildings, commercial places, furnished, unfurnished, and repainting jobs.

Check out how ColourWizard can help transform your home and building.
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Professional Previews


Mobile App for instant visualisation on the go!

For paint companies, painting contractors and home owners. Digitial Colour Visualisation in the palm of your hand. Also customise with your own brand and palette! All without lifting a paintbrush!


Available on Play Store for a free trial!

Check out how ColoursGalore can help transform your home and building. 
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Choose your shade without ever lifting a paintbrush!

Our Digital Colour Visualisation software and mobile app, can help you select colors for your home or building by allowing you to see how different colors will look before you commit to painting.


Just take a photo of a room or building and then experiment with different color options by applying them to the photo! It’s as simple as that


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